Addressing residents concerns about roads and speed limits in our local area.

Gardner Valley Road Intersection - Community Survey

Recently we performed a survey among local residents to see if there is concern about the traffic and safety situation at the intersection of Gardner Valley Road and the Moutere Highway. Follow this link for a map view.

We have received around 20 detailed responses overall. Of these...

  • 50% of respondents consider the intersection to be a significant problem
  • 30% of respondents do not see problems, or do not see the issue as high priority

All results are an approximation only. We have collected resident statements for both sides below, followed by a section of suggestions for improvement, and a section of general thoughts on the issue.


Holdaway Footbridge - Have Your Say!

As most local residents are aware the Holdaway footbridge on Holdaway Road suffered catastrophic damage due to the severe weather event which occurred on Wednesday 12 April.

TDC had been in the midst of repairing the bridge which was already closed to due damage caused by a vehicle accident. Those repair works are now of course redundant.

Council is now investigating whether it is worthwhile to replace the bridge and is asking for community feedback on this issue. So if you think the bridge should (or should not) be replaced, considering all costs involved, have your say now by sending feedback to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We will collect all feedback received and forward this to Council.

TDC Plans 40kmh Zones Around Some Schools

More news around speed limits: Tasman District Council is planning 40km/h zones around some selected schools in the district.

In response to community concerns about the safety of children walking and biking to and from school, the Tasman District Council is proposing to install variable school speed zones for Motupipi, Hope and Ranzau schools.

“We’ve done a lot of work in response to the strong community feeling that more needs to be done to keep children safe on their way to and from school,” Engineering Services Committee chairman Trevor Norriss said. Cr Norriss said the Council will talk to the three schools before installing variable speed zone signs. [...]

“We’ll also discuss the installation of static “40 When Children Present” signs at another four Tasman schools – Brooklyn, Mapua, Lower Moutere and Mahana,” he said.

“Only three of the 10 highest-priority schools meet the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) criteria for a 40kmh variable school speed zone. That is why we’ve opted for static signs around other schools." [...]

Read the full article here.

Results of Speed Limit Bylaw Review 2016

Please follow the link below to the Summary of Decisions showing TDC's proposed speed limit changes for 2016 based on aforegoing consultation.

With regards to local roads you will notice the speed limit for Old Coach Road has gone back up to 80 km/h for its entire length, while School Road Mahana is going to 60 km/h for its entire length.

Document: Summary of Decisions 2016

MHRA Submission to 2016 Speed Limit Review

You can read our submission to the next speed limits review here.

As you will notice, this is becoming an ongoing process - with continued discussions about the same locations in subsequent years.

At our recent AGM TDC councillors specifically advised that it is good to continue to submit on locations which are of concern, even if those had not been considered for changes in a given previous review.

TDC Considering Additional Signs for Gravel Roads

As part of addressing concerns about hazards and inconvenience created by vehicles going fast on local gravel roads, council is considering the use of two existing signs, the "open road speed limit sign" in combination with supplementary gravel road signs (similar to the advisory shown below) on gravel roads.

The key purpose of the "open road" sign is to remind drivers to "drive to the conditions" - as is always required.

Moutere Valley gravel roads were part of this year's review.

Read more in the Speed Limit Bylaw Review documents on the council website and the minutes of this year's AGM.

Results of the TDC Speed Limits Bylaw Review 2015

Council has completed this year's speed limits review and the results can be read in full on the TDC website.

Roads in our area that are marked for change are:

  • Carlyon Road, Mahana, going from 80km/hr to 100km/hr for its entire length
  • Old Coach Road, Mahana, going from 80km/hr to 60km/hr for its entire length
  • School Road, Mahana, 60km/hr from its intersection with Old Coach Road/for a distance of 220 metres
  • Tasman View Road going from 80km/hr to 100km/hr for its entire length

Refer to the "Summary of Information" document at the link above for a full list of changes. If a road is not listed, this means no changes are planned for the road.

Submissions to this review can be made by 4.30pm Friday 16 October 2015.

MHRA Continues To Follow Up On Speed Limits

Click on the link below to read our submission to this year's Speed Limit Bylaw Review.

The report outlines recent activity, including a meeting with the mayor and TDC transportation officers to discuss locations in Mahana, as well as proposals on several roads in Mahana and the highway past Moutere Hills Community Centre.

Read more: MHRA Speed Limits Submission 2015

TDC Speed Limits Review Results

TDC has now notified us of the results of this year's speed limit consultation process.

With regards to the roads that we submitted on recently, the changes that council has decided on are exactly as were proposed by TDC in August (prior to the hearings). Specifically, three stages of speed limit reduction on Old Coach Road and two stages of speed limits on School Road, Mahana. See here for the original list. No notes on Neudorf Road or the Moutere Highway.

We find that apparently our suggestions for streamlining the speed limit reduction on especially on Old Coach Road have not influenced the decision making.

TDC does note, however, that "the Panel have requested that Council staff work with the Moutere Hills Community Centre Committee to improve the entrance to the Centre in terms of safety."

Report from the Speed Limits Review Hearings 2014

Our chairman Tim Finn attended this year's submissions hearings on 17 October on behalf of the Moutere Hills Residents Association. Councillors Norriss, Edgar and Dowler plus council staff were present. The MHRA had issued a submission relating to the proposed speed changes around Mahana village and school.

MHRA presented in favour of the proposed reduction to 60 kph for 850 metres each way along Old Coach Road from the intersection with School Road, and for 220 m down School Road from the same intersection.

However, MHRA proposed that the 60 kph zones be extended along Old Coach Road to its intersection with the Moutere Highway, and for the complete extent of School Road from Old Coach Road to Carlyons Road, noting the presence of bends, intersections and general road conditions and usage that, in our opinion, made 60 kph a more suitable speed limit than the newly proposed 80 kph.