TDC Speed Limit Review 2019

TDC is beginning another round of speed limit review for various local roads and an official consultation is open until Friday 1 November. The changes proposed under this review have been influenced by the outcome of the TDC community survey earlier in May.

Some words from the review documents: The number of fatal and serious crashes on local roads has been increasing over the past six years. Sixty five per cent (65%) of crashes across our District are on our rural roads, of these 84% are lost control type crashes. Seventy four per cent (74%) occur on our Primary (such as the Moutere Valley Highway) and Secondary Collector Roads (such as Neudorf Road). Crashes on these road types are happening at increasing numbers.

As a result, TDC is proposing to change the speed limit on four sections of our Primary and Secondary Collector Roads and 13 low-volume rural roads.