Finding ways to improve quality and availability of domestic water supply in the area.

Dovedale Water Scheme Committee AGM - 11 November

The Dovedale Rural Water Committee are holding their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 11 November, 7pm at the Moutere Hills Community Centre.

At this meeting the Committee and Tasman District Council will share some important updates on future operation of the Dovedale Rural Water supply, including Three Waters Reform Programme funding and upgrade plans, and treatment options outlined in the draft Water Services Bill.

In addition to this we will have a financial update and an overview of supply operations for the past year.

Waimea Dam Will Get More Expensive And Take Longer To Build

Waimea Water Ltd has announced on 21 February that the projected cost for the dam will rise from $104 million dollars to $129 million dollars, due to unforeseen issues with the suitability of rock available in the construction area.

Mayor Tim King responded that the dam remains essential for the region and that Council is committed to pay for cost increases even if these exceed $3 million "but that does not automatically mean it’s funded entirely through rates" and new funding sources may have to be sought.

Waimea Irrigators Ltd responded "The importance of this project to the region has not changed, and it is still the best solution for the region’s long-term water supply” and We will work with our project partners in any way we can to help develop a strategy to raise the additional funds."

Follow this link to the full news releases.

TDC Adopts New Public Water Supply Bylaw

Tasman District Council has adopted an amendment to the Public Water Supply Bylaw which is aimed to "protect and manage the community’s access to safe, secure water."

TDC notes: "The bylaw includes a water restrictions protocol for how we will manage water use during a drought or an emergency."

A copy of the bylaw can be downloaded here. From page 24 onward you will find breakdowns of the phases in the Water Restriction Protocol.

It makes for a good read in case we get another drought.

Dovedale Water Scheme Meeting 3rd October

TDC will hold a public meeting for the Dovedale Rural Water Scheme on Thursday 3 October 2019 at the Moutere Hills Community Centre from 7pm.

Some topics that will be discussed include:

  • Committee membership
  • Review financial information for the previous year
  • Review the current status of the supply
  • Review the operational plan/expectations for the current (new) year
  • Discuss any regulatory/operational issues that might affect the supply
  • Planned Capital Work this year

All users connected to this water scheme are invited and encouraged to attend.

TDC: Public Consultation on Water Supply Bylaw

In view of the drought event experienced this year, TDC is seeking public feedback on the handling of water restrictions during that time. Restrictions are based on the Water Supply Bylaw which is currently in draft form, and due to be adopted.

The draft Public Water Supply Bylaw affects the management of the Council’s reticulated water supplies across the entire District. It does not cover private wells/bores, or resource consents to take water for horticulture or other productive uses, which are managed through rules in the Tasman Resource Management Plan.

“The restrictions we imposed on urban households and businesses in the Waimea area were much stricter than people will have experienced in the past. They worked – people connected to the Council water supply in that area cut their usage by 28% during the height of the drought. That is a massive effort and was crucial to sustaining our water supplies through that period.

“We want to know if the community agrees with the approach that was taken. It was based on the proposals within this bylaw and, if we adopt it, we will take a very similar approach in future when there is a threat to our water supplies.”

Full Council News Item here

Council Feedback Open From 5 June


Report from Dovedale Scheme Water Meeting

On Thursday May 23rd, Tasman District Council and Dovedale Water Supply Committee held a public meeting to discuss the financial position and operations of the Dovedale Scheme supply and answer questions received beforehand and from the floor. A summary of the financial information was circulated to users by email ahead of the meeting.

Key outcomes from the meeting were:

  • The committee will begin holding a yearly AGM for the supply in August (date to be confirmed) covering the past year's financial information, forecasts for the coming year, and planned projects and operational issues.
  • The supply committee and interested parties will able to receive quarterly financial reports prepared by Tasman District Council
  • Future upgrade options were discussed although it was noted that due to uncertainty around new regulations yet to be confirmed by the Government and investigations required it is likely to be a year or more before any decisions can be made.
  • Tasman District Council and the committee will ensure supply users and affected parties will have input in the decision making process as this progresses.
  • The contracting arrangements for supply maintenance and improvements were discussed.

 Thanks to all who attended and contributed to the meeting.

Dovedale Water Scheme Public Meeting

TDC is inviting all users of the Dovedale Rural Water Scheme to a public meeting on

Thursday, 23 May from 7pm at the Moutere Hills Community Centre

The meeting is held with the purpose of providing a question and answer session to address your queries and get some feedback on how scheme users managed during the recent drought.

More detailed financial data on the scheme's operational cost (and debts) is now available and was sent around to all scheme users who have registered their email address.

Be sure to attend the meeting to learn more.

Dovedale Scheme Financial Data, Rainfall Data

Prompted by questions at the recent meeting, TDC has provided a response including current data on usage (926 units on 260 connections) and financials ($495,000 total budget) of the Dovedale Water Scheme. The report also includes a break-down of maintenance costs.

Please see report letter here and meeting presentation here.

As useful link included in the report is to the TDC rainfall data which allows you to see detailed rainfall measurements for various locations in the district, including Moutere at Kelling Road.

Notes from Dovedale Scheme Water Meeting

Yesterday the Dovedale Rural Water Supply Committee, representatives of Tasman District Council, Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), Federated Farmers, Rural Support Trust, and Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) held a public meeting for users of the Dovedale Rural Water Supply regarding pressures the scheme is facing in the current drought.

The key messages were that while the scheme is currently able to operate under restrictions, the severity of the drought and lack of rain the forecast mean further restrictions are likely and supplying water to the entirety of the scheme may become difficult in the coming weeks or months.

The Dovedale scheme is affected by a cease take direction from next week, and only essential human use and stock drinking water is allowed. Agricultural users were urged to plan ahead and consider reducing stock numbers now. All residential users need to conserve water urgently per restrictions and check storage on their properties in case of supply issues due to the drought.

The meeting was well attended with nearly 200 visitors filling the main function room at the MHCC. Click below for more information, contact details and ways to get help.


Public Meeting: Drought Risk for Dovedale Water Scheme

TDC is holding a public meeting to discuss the availability of water to supply the Dovedale Rural Water scheme, the associated risks over the coming weeks and months in light of current and forecast drought conditions.

If your property is connected to the scheme, you are urged to attend this meeting on

Thursday 21 February 2019, 7pm

at the Moutere Hills Community Centre.

Please spread the word to your neighbours.

TDC: Waimea Dam goes ahead

On 30 November 2018, Tasman District Council has confirmed the Waimea Community Dam will be built.

Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne said: “This project will deliver a secure source of water for our community for the next 100 years. It will greatly improve the health of the Waimea River, which can’t sustain the demands we’re making of it at the moment. The benefits for our region are immense and will be felt by everyone who chooses to make Tasman their home for generations to come.”

Construction is due to begin in early 2019 and will be managed by the Council-Controlled Organisation set up to run the project

Read the full Council news item.