Finding ways to improve quality and availability of domestic water supply in the area.

TDC: Proposed Waimea Dam Consultation

We are forwarding this news item from the TDC website. The proposed dam will affect all ratepayers in the district, whether they will actually get any water from the dam or not.

A special consultative process related to the proposed Waimea Community Dam will begin this Monday (13 October).  Closing on 14 November, the Tasman District Council is consulting with ratepayers and residents on the proposed funding and governance options for the dam.

A Statement of Proposal and Summary of Information was adopted at today’s Council meeting. This set out the Funding and Governance options with some information for context; and identifies Council’s preferred options. A decision whether or not to build the dam will be made in June next year. [...]

The Council has also created a dedicated website which will be turned on Monday 13th and provide information regarding this consultation and provide the history and technical material related to the proposed dam. The web address is

Public meetings and information sessions are being held throughout the District over the consultation period.

Mayor Kempthorne says “I urge all Tasman ratepayers and residents to take part in the funding and governance consultation.”

Read the full news item at the TDC website.

Upgrading the Moutere Hills Water Supply

Read here about the outcome of the Public Meeting on water supply on 16 April 2014 organised by the Moutere Hills Residents Association.

The purpose of the public meeting was to explore ways to provide a suitable potable water supply for residents of the inner Moutere Hills and valley. The well-attended meeting heard Tasman District Councillor Brian Ensor and TDC Engineer Joseph Thomas describe the history and shortcomings of the present Dovedale scheme, and the limitations of the Moutere Valley Aquifers.

Mike Eggers of the Braeburn Water Scheme covered the possibilities of basing a community scheme on either the Moutere Valley bores or the Motueka gravels at Pangatotora, using an existing bore.

Click below to read the full coverage.


Public Meeting on Water Supply

The Moutere Hills Residents Association invites all residents to attend a Public Meeting to discuss options for the future of the Water Supply servicing Upper Moutere and surrounding areas.

The main focus for this meeting will be to discuss options for the provision of a potable Water Supply for Moutere Hills Residents. We are expecting staff from the Tasman District Council to bring the meeting up to date on the limitations of the Dovedale Scheme, and possibilities for its upgrading or replacement.

Also addressing the meeting will be members of the Braeburn Water Scheme Committee to discuss the possibility of creating a new locally managed water scheme using bore water from the various aquifers under the Moutere Valley.

The issue is of importance to the community and this is an opportunity for residents to learn about the options available, and to influence the outcomes. If you have concerns about the quality and suitability of your existing supply, make sure you find the time to attend this meeting.

The meeting will be held Wednesday 16 April 2014 - 7:30 pm at the Moutere Hills Community Centre. Further details and updates will be available closer to the date.

A Moutere Water Supply?

This is for anybody living in the Moutere Valley, Braeburn, Gardner Valley, Harakeke who is concerned about sufficient and secure domestic water supply.

The Braeburn Water Scheme Committee (BWSC) previously formed in 2001 to apply for use of a locally available aquifer bore to create a reticulated water supply in the area is now about to re-form to address this issue again.

The existing bore had previously been sold by TDC to an adjacent landowner, preventing use by the public. But since a recent review of actual water use from this aquifer has shown that current allocations are not being used, the opportunity is now showing to create a new stock and domestic water scheme.

This will only happen if residents get involved. TDC has set a cut-off date for 11 March 2014 so time is short to secure this option.

If you are interested, join the group's meeting on 1 March 2014 at 10am at the Moutere Hills Community Centre.

For more details and contact information please have a look at this flyer.