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Tasman Environment Plan Community Event

The following community event is organised by Tasman District Council:
Tasman is a special place to live. Across our urban, rural, and coastal areas we have a great lifestyle and many of our communities are growing. It’s important to plan for the future with quality development in appropriate places and by protecting and restoring our land, air, and water. You have a chance to contribute to how we do this.
Tasman District Council staff and councillors will be in the Moutere Hills on Wednesday November 25 to hear your views about our environmental and development issues and opportunities, and what you think makes our district special.
You can drop-in anytime

Wednesday November 25
between 3.30pm – 7pm
at the Moutere Hills Community Centre
1539 Moutere Highway, Upper Moutere

to have your say on how we look after our district.


TDC: Public Survey on Town/Village Centres

Tasman District Council is currently gathering data on its town and village centres around the district.

The following 5-minute survey has been created to allow for visitors to provide their ratings and views on various aspects of the Upper Moutere Town Centre.

While the survey appears to be primarily designed around larger town centres, answering this short survey might be a great opportunity to pass feedback back to TDC for residents and visitors alike.

You can use the survey to let Council know what you like or dislike when going into the village centre - and if you have any guests staying with you, this would be a perfect opportunity to let them provide their feedback from a visitor's perspective as well.

Please take the TDC survey here.

Tiny Houses: Parliamentary Petition

Last year, in response to a guide document released by Tasman District Council, the Moutere Hills Residents Association ran an online survey to establish local opinion on whether 'Tiny Houses' can be useful in addressing housing problems in New Zealand. You can see the survey results here.

In the survey, our community responded strongly in favour of investigating new legislation to facilitate construction and use of 'Tiny Houses'. We are therefore now forwarding a link to a current Parliamentary Petition on the subject which was initiated in December and which is in support of "Tiny/mobile dwellings as a permanent, healthy, affordable & dignified residence."

If you are interested and in favour of the issue, follow this link to the online petition.


Forestries in Tasman District: Replant for Revenue or Change for Recreation?

TDC is commencing a consultation on the future of Kingsland Forest in Richmond.

This Council-owned forestry is due for a harvesting cycle and TDC is collecting public feedback on whether the area should be re-planted for future revenue generation or gradually be changed over to other permanent planting and creation of tracks for recreational use. See the Council news item here.

Take our online survey to let us know your view on the future of Council-owned forests in Tasman District: replant for revenue or change over for conservation and recreational use? One question only - it takes only seconds of your time, so have your say!

TDC: Seeking Ideas for Moutere-Waimea Reserves

In a newly beginning consultation process, TDC is seeking feedback on the management of the 155 public parks and reserves in the Moutere-Waimea ward.

Reserves in the ward range from Aranui Park, Hoddy Estuary Park and Lord Rutherford Park to esplanade reserves alongside rivers and the Waimea Inlet, along with recreation reserves at Dovedale, Upper Moutere, Kina Beach. Lists and maps of all reserves in the ward can be viewed here. See Map 5 in the maps document for Upper Moutere area.

At this early stage TDC would like to know what you love about the reserves, whether they could be improved in any way and what your long-term vision is. How would you like them to be 10 to 20 years from now?

Take TDC's online survey to provide your feedback.

TDC: Draft Responsible Camping Strategy

TDC have developed a new Draft Responsible Camping Strategy and are now seeking feedback on it. From the news item:

Over the past few years there has been a significant increase in freedom and budget campers. This has come with challenges, including littering, waste disposal, noise, public space conflicts, safety and commercial competition concerns.

We want to continue to be welcoming hosts to people wishing to enjoy the uniquely Tasman experience, and we expect our visitors to respect the special places and communities as they pass through.

The Draft Responsible Camping Strategy is intended to provide direction as we manage responsible camping through regulations and by providing facilities and visitor information.  It may lead to changes in the Tasman Freedom Camping Bylaw.

Click here to read the strategy summary and click here to provide feedback.

The Draft Responsible Camping Strategy is open for consultation until 18 November 2019 and there will be drop-in sessions available throughout the district.

Tiny Houses Anyone?

Tasman District Council has recently released a new eight-page guide document called "Provisions for Tiny Houses".

You can download the guide from the TDC website here.

The guide aims to clarify which consents and permissions would be required to construct and live in a tiny house on a property in Tasman District.

Please note that the following is a summary of various items highlighted in the guide, and is not a replacement for reading the guide itself.

Read here why at this moment, according to Tasman District Council, there is no such thing as a 'tiny house'. And take our online survey at the end of the article!


Future of the Moutere - Survey Results

More housing, more farming, more roads?

We asked you what you want for the future of the Moutere Hills - here is what you said.

80% of people in the Moutere say the area is a great place to live! About half of the respondents support more housing - the other half doesn't. 50% of residents state that farming and production are at exactly the right level. 80% of people say we need more footpaths and bike paths - nobody wants new roads.

TDC Annual Plan 2019/20

TDC will be presenting the Annual Plan 2019/20 at our public meeting on Thursday 11 April.

Find relevant documents here:

Proposed Annual Plan 2019-2020 - Summary information from March Newsline

Proposed Annual Plan 2019-2020 - District-wide programmes and Ward Projects

Draft Funding Impact Statement 2019-2020 – provides details of the different rates that Council will collect in 2019/2020 and their levels.

Summary of Draft Financial Information 2019-2020

Adoption of the AP is set for 31 May.

The Future for the Moutere - Have Your Say Now!

Tasman District Council and Nelson City Council are working on a joint Future Development Strategy, to plan where population growth will go over the next 30 years. This strategy will equally affect urban and rural settlements. For more information see this council news item.

We at the MHRA want to be able to tell Council what the people living in the Moutere Hills want for the future of their area. To do this, we need you to tell us what you would like: be it more housing, more farming, more roads, more services, less of something, or keep it all the same.

Our online survey only takes one minute to complete - so do not postpone and do it right away, especially as the initial round of feedback already ends Monday 11 February.

The survey is still open!  Click here to take the online survey now!

The survey is open to anybody living in the Moutere Hills area, so please forward to as many of your neighbours as you can. Thanks.