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Future of the Moutere - Survey Results

More housing, more farming, more roads?

We asked you what you want for the future of the Moutere Hills - here is what you said.

80% of people in the Moutere say the area is a great place to live! About half of the respondents support more housing - the other half doesn't. 50% of residents state that farming and production are at exactly the right level. 80% of people say we need more footpaths and bike paths - nobody wants new roads.

TDC Annual Plan 2019/20

TDC will be presenting the Annual Plan 2019/20 at our public meeting on Thursday 11 April.

Find relevant documents here:

Proposed Annual Plan 2019-2020 - Summary information from March Newsline

Proposed Annual Plan 2019-2020 - District-wide programmes and Ward Projects

Draft Funding Impact Statement 2019-2020 – provides details of the different rates that Council will collect in 2019/2020 and their levels.

Summary of Draft Financial Information 2019-2020

Adoption of the AP is set for 31 May.

The Future for the Moutere - Have Your Say Now!

Tasman District Council and Nelson City Council are working on a joint Future Development Strategy, to plan where population growth will go over the next 30 years. This strategy will equally affect urban and rural settlements. For more information see this council news item.

We at the MHRA want to be able to tell Council what the people living in the Moutere Hills want for the future of their area. To do this, we need you to tell us what you would like: be it more housing, more farming, more roads, more services, less of something, or keep it all the same.

Our online survey only takes one minute to complete - so do not postpone and do it right away, especially as the initial round of feedback already ends Monday 11 February.

The survey is still open!  Click here to take the online survey now!

The survey is open to anybody living in the Moutere Hills area, so please forward to as many of your neighbours as you can. Thanks.

Official Information Requests from your Council - OIPI Survey

Have you recently obtained or requested any official information or records from Council?

The parliamentary Official Information Practice Investigations (OIPI) team is currently running a survey regarding the performance of various local governments (including Tasman District Council) in providing information under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA).

The Act ensures all public information is to be made available unless it needs to be withheld for specific reasons.

If you have any recent experience with requesting information from Council - such as council meeting records, property records, or similar - this is your chance to provide feedback on how well your information request was handled.

Go to the OIPI Ombudsman's survey to provide your feedback.

Your participation will help ensure sure you have a good government!

Notes from the Public Meeting 20 March

Follow the links below to read the minutes from the small but still engaged public meeting on 20/03/2018 covering:

  • LTP 2018-2028 Community Consultation
  • Housing Availability
  • Road Maintenance
  • Dovedale Water Scheme


Meeting Notes

Handout 'What is planned for Upper Moutere?'

TDC Long Term Plan 2018-2028 - Public Consultation

Tasman District Council announces

  • Rates Affordability and Managing Debt
  • Growth and Infrastructure
  • Review of Development and Financial Contributions Policy
  • Safe and Secure Drinking Water

as just some of the key issues of the upcoming Long Term Plan consultation.

Be sure to note down the next public meeting 20 March 2018 - 7pm (at the Moutere Hills Community Centre), for your local community consultation.

Local Elections 2016

Just a reminder that elections for Council, Community Boards and District Health Board will be held this year.

Nominations for all positions will be open until 12 August. Voting will open on September 16, and close on Saturday 8 October.

Last election, our three standing Councillors for the Moutere/Waimea ward ran unopposed. The same will not happen this year. Already two new nominations have been received for the position of Councillor in this ward: Graeme Stradling of Ruby Bay and Gary Watson of Mainland TV have both put their names forward this year. Follow this link to see all nominations.

We hope to hear more from all candidates soon.

TDC: Riparian Planting in the Moutere

As some residents might have noticed, Council is currently creating riparian plantings along the bank of the Moutere River north of Kelling Road.

Here is what TDC Rivers & Coastal Engineer Giles Griffith has to say:

"The Kelling Road site is a great opportunity, it’s not often there is such a large, suitable site available.  The plans are to revegetate much of the lower terrace beside the stream in this area, and control weeds over the next three years or so until the plants are away."

He points out there are also a number of other riparian plantings in the Moutere but these are less visible.

Giles is always on the lookout for good sites so if you or somebody you know have any suggestions for other sites in our area he would be happy to look at them.

The Moutere Hills Residents Association is always happy to collect and forward feedback & suggestions.


Settlement Update - Upper Moutere

What's in the Annual Plan 2016/17 for Upper Moutere?

A little extract from the Tasman District Settlement Areas update.









Household size




Number of dwellings required




"The Upper Moutere settlement is a relatively small community and the population is expected to increase by only 29 people by 2039."

"Water supply is restricted and is at capacity. Dovedale water pipeline renewals are therefore planned between 2015 and 2022. As a result modest amounts of land were identified for residential growth in the growth model review and no further land was identified for business use as demand does not exist."


TDC Annual Plan 2016/17

The Tasman District Council has released key points of its plan for the coming year, which include:

  • Total projected rates income increase of 1%
  • Debt $12 million less than forecast
  • Same levels of service

The full Annual Plan 2016/17 is yet to be adopted in Council (this is expected May).