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Next Public Meeting: 20 March 2018

Our next public meeting will be

Tuesday 20 March 2018, 7 pm at the Moutere Hills Community Centre

This will mainly revolve around TDC's consultation on the Long Term Plan 2018-2028.

It will be a great chance to meet your Councillors, Council staff, and Mayor Richard Kempthorne.

AGM 2017 - Report

Thanks to all who attended our AGM last week. Our three ward councillors were present and TDC staff Brian McManus and Giles Griffith reported on transportation issues and river works in the area.

Overall, we had around 50 visitors, making for a lively discussion when the three parliamentary candidates, Damien O'Connor (Labour), Maureen Pugh (National), and Claire Holley (GOdsownNZ) made their presentations.

At this meeting, we also confirmed our new Chair Faris Mali and new Deputy Chair James Stradling and the remaining committee and officers of the Moutere Hills Residents Association.

The full minutes of this meeting are available here.

AGM 2017

The next public meeting will be this year's Annual General Meeting which is set for:

Wednesday 20 September, from 7:00 pm at the Moutere Hills Community Centre

We hope you will find a place in your diary for this event and be able to join us on the day.

All members and the public are warmly invited.

Public Meeting 11/04/2017 - Minutes

Thanks again to all who have attended this meeting with TDC. Key topics covered were:

  • Moutere Hills Community Pathway
  • Speed Limits / Road Safety
  • Dovedale Rural Water Supply

The minutes for this meeting can be read here.

Next Public Meeting / TDC Annual Plan

Our next public meeting will be

Tuesday 11 April 2017, 7 pm at the Moutere Hills Community Centre

This will be a public meeting and everybody is invited.

TDC representatives will be present on the day to talk about the Annual Plan 2017/18 (similar to our meeting last year).

Join us on the day as this will be a great opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns, or suggest projects.

Read more about TDC's Annual Plan 2017/18

Make a submission on the Long Term Plan 2018-28

AGM 2016 - Minutes

Thanks to all members, visitors, representatives and candidates who joined us on September 27th at our Annual General Meeting - with over 60 people attending, making this a very successful meeting.

The community was able to interact directly with those council engineers who look after our roads and water supply and there was an extensive update from the Pathway project.

All mayoral and councillor candidates (bar one apology) were present to introduce themselves and answer questions from the floor.

You can find the minutes from the meeting here.

Meet The Candidates

Please note that our AGM on Tuesday 27 September 2016, 7:00 pm will also be the local Meet The Candidates meeting for the upcoming elections. This is your chance to:

  • meet the Mayor and mayoral candidates
  • meet Ward Councillor candidates
  • find out who to vote for

This year will be an important election, as two of the three ward councillors for Moutere/Waimea are not standing again - and there are a total of seven candidates. So make sure you can make an informed choice.

View all nominations.


AGM 2016

This year's Annual General Meeting has been set for

Tuesday 27 September 2016, 7:00 pm
at the Moutere Hills Community Centre

Join us to

  • meet Council Representatives
  • chat with candidates for the upcoming Local Elections
  • discuss Local Issues such as Water Supply, Transportation and the Pathway

All welcome. Don't miss it!

Public Meeting 5 April 2016 - Minutes

There was a good turn-out at the Moutere Inn for MHRA's public meeting on 5 April.

TDC representatives from Mayor and CEO to Planning Managers and Ward Councillors were there to present details of the Annual Plan 2016/17 and the new engagement process that is replacing formal consultation for this year.

We would like to say thank you to all who attended the meeting.

The minutes for the meeting can be found here.

Public Meeting 5 April 2016

The Moutere Hills Residents Association will be holding a public meeting

on Tuesday 5 April from 7:00 pm at the Moutere Inn (Upper Moutere).

This will be a general community meeting and the public is very welcome. Residents are invited to raise any current concerns.

One focus of the meeting will be TDC's Annual Plan 2016/2017 and we will have council representatives there to present and discuss the plan with us.