TDC: Draft Responsible Camping Strategy

TDC have developed a new Draft Responsible Camping Strategy and are now seeking feedback on it. From the news item:

Over the past few years there has been a significant increase in freedom and budget campers. This has come with challenges, including littering, waste disposal, noise, public space conflicts, safety and commercial competition concerns.

We want to continue to be welcoming hosts to people wishing to enjoy the uniquely Tasman experience, and we expect our visitors to respect the special places and communities as they pass through.

The Draft Responsible Camping Strategy is intended to provide direction as we manage responsible camping through regulations and by providing facilities and visitor information.  It may lead to changes in the Tasman Freedom Camping Bylaw.

Click here to read the strategy summary and click here to provide feedback.

The Draft Responsible Camping Strategy is open for consultation until 18 November 2019 and there will be drop-in sessions available throughout the district.