Comment: "Why should 23,000 ratepayers fund an $80 million dam for the sole benefit of 40 people?"

In his own submission to the current Waimea Dam consultation, local resident John Clifton presents his thoughts on what he thinks unfair and inequitable distribution of cost versus benefit in the current funding models.

His point is that by far the largest share of water is used by a relatively small number of commercial irrigators. As an alternative he suggests the introduction of a volume-related pricing structure for irrigation water which would:

  • Encourage conservation and collection of water.
  • Maintain higher river flow levels throughout the year.
  • Reduce water consumption in the Waimea district.
  • Reduce ground water and aquifer pollution.
  • Rebalance land values on the Waimea plain.
  • Allow a rational debate on whether a dam is really required.

Read John's full submission here.

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