TDC: Public Consultation on Water Supply Bylaw

In view of the drought event experienced this year, TDC is seeking public feedback on the handling of water restrictions during that time. Restrictions are based on the Water Supply Bylaw which is currently in draft form, and due to be adopted.

The draft Public Water Supply Bylaw affects the management of the Council’s reticulated water supplies across the entire District. It does not cover private wells/bores, or resource consents to take water for horticulture or other productive uses, which are managed through rules in the Tasman Resource Management Plan.

“The restrictions we imposed on urban households and businesses in the Waimea area were much stricter than people will have experienced in the past. They worked – people connected to the Council water supply in that area cut their usage by 28% during the height of the drought. That is a massive effort and was crucial to sustaining our water supplies through that period.

“We want to know if the community agrees with the approach that was taken. It was based on the proposals within this bylaw and, if we adopt it, we will take a very similar approach in future when there is a threat to our water supplies.”

Full Council News Item here

Council Feedback Open From 5 June