Notes from Dovedale Scheme Water Meeting

Yesterday the Dovedale Rural Water Supply Committee, representatives of Tasman District Council, Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), Federated Farmers, Rural Support Trust, and Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) held a public meeting for users of the Dovedale Rural Water Supply regarding pressures the scheme is facing in the current drought.

The key messages were that while the scheme is currently able to operate under restrictions, the severity of the drought and lack of rain the forecast mean further restrictions are likely and supplying water to the entirety of the scheme may become difficult in the coming weeks or months.

The Dovedale scheme is affected by a cease take direction from next week, and only essential human use and stock drinking water is allowed. Agricultural users were urged to plan ahead and consider reducing stock numbers now. All residential users need to conserve water urgently per restrictions and check storage on their properties in case of supply issues due to the drought.

The meeting was well attended with nearly 200 visitors filling the main function room at the MHCC. Click below for more information, contact details and ways to get help.

Information about current restrictions and those coming into force on Monday 25th are available here:

Contacts for those concerned or affected are below, any urgent supply issues or leaks should be reported directly to TDC:

Dovedale Water Supply Committee James Stradling 021 125 8786
Federated Farmers Martin O’Connor 021 522 485
Fire and Emergency New Zealand Rob Dalton 0274 956 691
Ministry for Primary Industries Phil Kirk 0274 392 187
Ministry for Primary Industries Wayne Ricketts 0274 759 232
Rural Support Trust Edwin Newport 0275 224 325
Tasman District Council Mike Schruer (03) 543 8686