Community Transport Trust Proposal

Living in the country without your own vehicle?

A group of residents who are concerned about the transport needs of people living in the outlying communities are setting up a trust to help serve people either without the use of a private car or who are concerned about the effects of fossil fuelled car use.

This proposed trust would own vehicles, preferably electric, and use volunteers drivers to get people where they need to go, at an affordable fare. The vision statements and proposed benefits of this proposal are outlined below, and the organisers are calling for interested volunteers to get involved with their time and skills.

If you are interested to support this idea, please respond to us and we will put you in contact with the organiser Kate Malcolm.

Nelson Tasman Community Transport Trust (proposed)

Vision (what we would like to see)

Our vision is of efficient, accessible and sustainable passenger transport services in the Nelson Tasman region which particularly benefit people living in the outlying settlements.

Mission Statement (what we will do about it)

1. Provide an affordable, accessible and sustainable transport service for people in the Nelson Tasman region to access employment, education, recreation and medical appointments.

2. Reduce the community’s dependence on private car travel and on fossil fuels. Raise public awareness of environmental damage caused by carbon emissions.

3. Enhance social connectedness by enabling people to take part in community activities.

Community Benefits

  • Affordable transport options for people not served by public transport
  • Reliable, safe and convenient transport services for residents who have mobility issues
  • Increased social connectedness for the elderly
  • Ability for people to remain in their own communities
  • More transport options for youth
  • Less congestion on arterial roads
  • Improved air quality, in particular by using electric vehicles
  • A low emission passenger transport model

Please get in touch if you are supporting the idea and would like to get involved.