Gardner Valley Road Intersection - Community Survey

Recently we performed a survey among local residents to see if there is concern about the traffic and safety situation at the intersection of Gardner Valley Road and the Moutere Highway. Follow this link for a map view.

We have received around 20 detailed responses overall. Of these...

  • 50% of respondents consider the intersection to be a significant problem
  • 30% of respondents do not see problems, or do not see the issue as high priority

All results are an approximation only. We have collected resident statements for both sides below, followed by a section of suggestions for improvement, and a section of general thoughts on the issue.


"The problems I have had is turning into Gardner Valley and up the hill to the left hand corner.  The number of times I have had to either slow completely or swerve of to the left to avoid vehicles cutting the corner is unreal...  twice have had to take evasive action on the corner at the top of the hill above the intersection.  Both times I would not be surprised to find the drivers of the vehicles on my side of the road coming toward me were under in influence." - Local Resident

"It is very hard when turning right in my ute out of Gardner Valley onto the Moutere highway to get straight on to view the traffic coming from the left.  I am surprised the council has done nothing about it." - Local Resident

"I do think this is a dangerous intersection. Driving my ute from Gardner Valley and turning toward Upper Moutere village I cannot make this corner without going over the white line on both roads. I think even quite small vehicles have this problem. And of course we have all come across trucks that have tried to make that turn and then  realized to late that it wasn’t a good idea." - Local Resident

"The intersection onto Moutere Highway is sub-standard given the amount of traffic using it. I believe by far the bulk of traffic is using the intersection rather than using Moutere Highway." - Local Resident

"I believe it is a dangerous set of corners. The most dangerous maneuver is to turn left on to the Moutere Highway to head towards Upper Moutere. Depending on your wheel lock (and certainly for trucks) you need to first swing to your right over the center line before turning left, to avoid crossing the center line of the Moutere Highway. If you do that and have to stop and wait, you are blocking the access for people attempting to turn up the hill." - Local Resident & MHRA Member

"Around 6 years ago my truck was written off by a lady trying to overtake while I was indicating to turn onto the Gardner Valley Road from the main highway. We went to court and she was held accountable due to witnesses behind us both. She felt she could get around me in time as she would have had to basically stop as I was towing a trailer. It is a dangerous turn and I have had a number of other drivers get confused due to three lanes of traffic able to go into this road." - Local Resident

"I have had several encounters with vehicles exiting Gardner Valley Rd turning left and crossing the centre line into oncoming traffic and also vehicles turning right from the Moutere Highway into Gardner Valley Rd stopping dangerously to turn." - Local Resident & MHRA Member

"It's clear the road is getting more use and in general it doesn't appear fit for purpose. The road up is too narrow, the corner too tight and those exiting from Gardeners valley often cause risks in doing so. We often see cars turning left from Gardner Valley crossing the centre line." - Local Resident


"I'm fine with the junction - there are a few drivers who go far too fast as usual but its the drivers not the bend." - Local Resident and MHRA Member

"Never had a problem with this corner and I doubt with the amount of traffic the council would be interested in doing anything about it. I think we have far more important issues to deal with , drive with care and be patient." - Local Resident & MHRA Member    

"It is a junction that requires all road users to treat with a bit more care. I don't see that having to drive with extra care is an issue." - Local Resident & MHRA Member

"We have never had an issue with this entrance - it is difficult to go up or down that road at speed, so don’t see this as an issue. Never encountered near misses here. There are other intersections that are more dangerous." - Local Resident & MHRA Member

"I haven't experienced any close-calls or anything at that corner... actually feel it's not too bad with decent visibility both directions." - Local Resident & MHRA Member


"If the intersection was a T-intersection, visibility would be brilliant.  The only way to do this would be to take the road straight down the hill to the intersection, cutting out both corners, but I would suspect human nature being what it is there would eventually be a vehicle in the grounds of the property across the road or a series accident as someone will not slow down enough and fly straight through." - Local Resident

"The corner does need improvement. The entire Gardner Valley Road should be looked at as one project." - Local Resident

"If [the intersection] were to stay the same the speed limit on the Moutere Highway needs to be dropped to 80km and the intersection changed from a give way to a stop. Ideally moving it along a bit further so it interested with the Moutere Highway at right angles would be the ideal option. There needs to be widening of the highway as well for vehicles to pass safely through the intersection." - Local Resident & MHRA Member

"We suspect the costs of a complete entrance revamp would never be approved but wonder whether some remedial work is feasible and could improve safety such as widening the highway or changing angles." - Local Resident

"The real issue appears to be vehicles entering from or exiting towards Upper Moutere. There are some clever road engineers about that can probably come up with an improvement. A query for the TDC engineers to study the issue and come back to the community with results would at least establish what can realistically be achieved." - Local Resident


"I guess the hair pin bends do slow everyone down coming onto the Moutere highway." - Local Resident

"There appears to be no recipe for bad driving.  At least the corners slow people down." - Local Resident

"There are many things that can go wrong at an intersection like this but I think many locals are more careful and aware of the issues, that won't always be the case though so it does need to be discussed." - Local Residents

"Of equal concern is the Moutere Highway turn into Old House Road from the Gardner Valley approach, where there is very limited clear view of oncoming north bound traffic on the Highway at the turning point. The usage on both Central Road South and Gardner Valley seems to be increasing quite steadily." - Local Resident

"Around 20 years ago, the Gardner Valley road was a metal surface....its been sealed but not widened." - Local Resident