TDC Age-Friendly Policy: Submission by MHRA

TDC's proposed new 'Age-Friendly Policy' states that

  • "Our urban and rural environments are people-friendly, well-planned, accessible and sustainably managed."
  • "Our communities are healthy, safe, inclusive and resilient."

The Moutere Hills Residents Association is of the opinion that these goals cannot be achieved in rural communities, so long as the only way to get from place to place - even over very short distances - is by motor vehicle. This is simply because traffic on rural roads is now too busy and dangerous, and there is no safe way to go alternatively by foot, bicycle, or any other way due to the general lack of dedicated foot and bike paths.

We have therefore submitted that the district-wide annual budget for public footpaths be significantly increased to counteract the above problem. Read our full submission here:

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