Thoughts about Road Safety at Prices Corner

Prompted by a recent vehicle accident at Prices Corner (intersection of Neudorf Road and the Moutere Highway) one of our association members has inquired whether the 'Give Way' sign (coming from Neudorf Road) should not perhaps be changed to a 'Stop' sign to make the intersection safer overall.

We have followed this up with TDC Transportation Manager Jamie McPherson, who explained to us the rules governing intersections:

The NZ signs manual (MOTSAM) provides guideline on where stop signs should be installed as follows: at blind intersections where lack of visibility makes it unsafe to approach the intersection at a speed greater than 10 km/h.

Note: It is unsafe to approach an intersection at more than 10 km/h if, from a point 9 metres from the intersection limit line on a controlled approach, a driver cannot see a vehicle on an uncontrolled approach at a distance (metres) of 1.2 times the speed (km/h) exceeded by 15% of vehicles on the priority route.

Jamie calculates that for the given intersection a visibility of approximately 120m onto the highway would be required (from the 9m limit) and that Council will review the visibility at the intersection to verify the signage is appropriate.

MHRA adds that one local observer of the recent event stated that the accident was more likely caused by two vehicle travelling on the highway in opposite directions (i.e. not by vehicles trying to enter the highway from Neudorf Road).

If you have any comments or concerns about this intersection, the write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.