Public Meeting 11/04/2017 - Minutes

Thanks again to all who have attended this meeting with TDC. Key topics covered were:

  • Moutere Hills Community Pathway
  • Speed Limits / Road Safety
  • Dovedale Rural Water Supply

The minutes for this meeting can be read here.

Next Public Meeting / TDC Annual Plan

Our next public meeting will be

Tuesday 11 April 2017, 7 pm at the Moutere Hills Community Centre

This will be a public meeting and everybody is invited.

TDC representatives will be present on the day to talk about the Annual Plan 2017/18 (similar to our meeting last year).

Join us on the day as this will be a great opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns, or suggest projects.

Read more about TDC's Annual Plan 2017/18

Make a submission on the Long Term Plan 2018-28

Petition Results & Pathway Update

The petition in support of our project to create a public pathway between Upper Moutere village and the Community Centre has now closed - and we have achieved a solid 609 signatures by individuals in support of the project. We would like to thank all who have signed the petition and those who helped distributing the leaflets.

The results from our survey which called for residents to tell us what they see as most important for the pathway are also available and have been compiled in this article.

We have also received some feedback from our (newly elected) ward councillors Anne Turley, Dean McNamara and Tim King as well as Motueka councillor David Ogilvie who have expressed their support for the project. We are looking forward to working more closely with our councillors and TDC departments.

Meanwhile, we are continuing negotiations with individual landowners along possible routes for the pathway. While we still do not have a complete connection between the two locations, our strategy is to secure individual sections of land for public access along any of the possible routes as these become available - with a view to create a continuous corridor in the future.

Pathway Priorities Survey - Results

Following our AGM in September 2016 we conducted a survey among local residents to establish what is seen as the most important aspects of our proposed pathway.

The survey was run by show of hands and paper handout at the AGM, in the local Grapevine, and as an online form on our website. A short summary of the results based on the more than 60 responses follows:

The two clearly established main priorities for any route are that the pathway needs to meet its declared goal of allowing children to walk and cycle safely between the School and the Community Centre (98% of responses see this as Very Important or Desirable), closely followed by the request that any crossings of 100 km/h are to be avoided as much as possible (94% Very Important or Desirable).

The next two items seen as most important are that a focus is given on children walking and cycling safely between Home and School (e.g. from Kelling Road) (95%) and that the pathway connect to the Childcare Centre (Country Kids) (86%).

Read more: Pathway Priorities Survey - Results

Take Our Pathway Survey!

You can now take part in our online survey regarding the Moutere Hills Community Pathway.

The purpose of this survey is to determine top priorities for the proposed pathway as seen by the community. This will help us during the planning stage and might influence route-finding.

You can take the online survey here - it only takes one minute.

You can also use this form to indicate whether you can make any contribution to the project such as labour or materials, machine time, or help with planning.

All feedback is much appreciated!

Go to the online survey now.