Stuff: More Dam Funding Concerns

Forwarded to us by a local resident:

Website is hosting this article about a local chartered accountant's concern with regards to total anticipated cost of the Waimea Dam, and how this financial burden would be distributed.

Click here to read the article: Waimea dam may cost $400m to pay back says accountant

Community Transport Trust Proposal

Living in the country without your own vehicle?

A group of residents who are concerned about the transport needs of people living in the outlying communities are setting up a trust to help serve people either without the use of a private car or who are concerned about the effects of fossil fuelled car use.

This proposed trust would own vehicles, preferably electric, and use volunteers drivers to get people where they need to go, at an affordable fare. The vision statements and proposed benefits of this proposal are outlined below, and the organisers are calling for interested volunteers to get involved with their time and skills.

If you are interested to support this idea, please respond to us and we will put you in contact with the organiser Kate Malcolm.

Read more: Community Transport Trust Proposal

Waimea Dam - Search for Funding continues

Council is searching for a way to close the $26 million funding gap for the Waimea Dam by December.

Read the words by TDC CEO Janine Dowding and Mayor Richard Kempthorne outlining why the case for the dam is still compelling, and what happens if the dam does not proceed.

Click here for the TDC News Item

Proposed New Speed Limits - SH60 and Connecting Roads

TDC and NZTA are proposing lowering the speed limit on State Highway 60 from the Three Brothers roundabout in Richmond up to Maisey Road to 80 kmh.

In conjunction with this proposal, TDC is consulting on proposed lower speed limits on several local roads connecting to SH60 such as Lower Queen Street, Landsdowne Road, Redwood Road, and various others.

See here for the full proposal information, including an online survey form to provide feedback. The consultation closes 28 August.

Read more: Proposed New Speed Limits - SH60 and Connecting Roads

Water Supply Bylaw Review - What Happens When There Are More Water Restrictions?

TDC is consulting on changes to the Public Water Supply Bylaw, which outlines how Tasman District’s reticulated water supplies are managed and protected.

One of the main proposed changes in the updated bylaw has the potential to affect everyone on a public water supply – this would include the Dovedale Water Scheme - including a new framework for imposing water restrictions during times or drought or emergency water shortage.

See here for Consultation Drop-In Sessions at the Richmond Mall - find out more and have your say!

See here for more information on the proposed Draft Public Water Supply Bylaw 2018.

And find here a direct link to the Consultation Document. This explains the various proposed levels of restrictions for residential as well as industrial and commercial users.