Public Meeting: Drought Risk for Dovedale Water Scheme

TDC is holding a public meeting to discuss the availability of water to supply the Dovedale Rural Water scheme, the associated risks over the coming weeks and months in light of current and forecast drought conditions.

If your property is connected to the scheme, you are urged to attend this meeting on

Thursday 21 February 2019, 7pm

at the Moutere Hills Community Centre.

Please spread the word to your neighbours.

The Future for the Moutere - Have Your Say Now!

Tasman District Council and Nelson City Council are working on a joint Future Development Strategy, to plan where population growth will go over the next 30 years. This strategy will equally affect urban and rural settlements. For more information see this council news item.

We at the MHRA want to be able to tell Council what the people living in the Moutere Hills want for the future of their area. To do this, we need you to tell us what you would like: be it more housing, more farming, more roads, more services, less of something, or keep it all the same.

Our online survey only takes one minute to complete - so do not postpone and do it right away, especially as the initial round of feedback already ends Monday 11 February.

The survey is still open!  Click here to take the online survey now!

The survey is open to anybody living in the Moutere Hills area, so please forward to as many of your neighbours as you can. Thanks.

TDC Age-Friendly Policy: Submission by MHRA

TDC's proposed new 'Age-Friendly Policy' states that

  • "Our urban and rural environments are people-friendly, well-planned, accessible and sustainably managed."
  • "Our communities are healthy, safe, inclusive and resilient."

The Moutere Hills Residents Association is of the opinion that these goals cannot be achieved in rural communities, so long as the only way to get from place to place - even over very short distances - is by motor vehicle. This is simply because traffic on rural roads is now too busy and dangerous, and there is no safe way to go alternatively by foot, bicycle, or any other way due to the general lack of dedicated foot and bike paths.

We have therefore submitted that the district-wide annual budget for public footpaths be significantly increased to counteract the above problem. Read our full submission here:

Contact us to let us to let us know what you think!

Official Information Requests from your Council - OIPI Survey

Have you recently obtained or requested any official information or records from Council?

The parliamentary Official Information Practice Investigations (OIPI) team is currently running a survey regarding the performance of various local governments (including Tasman District Council) in providing information under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA).

The Act ensures all public information is to be made available unless it needs to be withheld for specific reasons.

If you have any recent experience with requesting information from Council - such as council meeting records, property records, or similar - this is your chance to provide feedback on how well your information request was handled.

Go to the OIPI Ombudsman's survey to provide your feedback.

Your participation will help ensure sure you have a good government!

Speed Limit Changes on Some Local Roads

TDC advises that new, lowered speed limits will take effect on 18 December 2018 on the following roads:

Lower Queen Street (extended), Landsdowne Road, Best Island Road, Barnett Avenue, Blackbyre Road, River Road (Appleby), Redwood Road, Research Orchard Road, Pukeko Lane

Most of these roads are changing from 100 km/hr down to 80 km/hr.

See here for a more detailed list.

Also see the minutes of our recent AGM for notes on a new review process for speed limits being established at TDC and how to get roads added to that review. Old Coach Road and Central Road had already been mentioned at the meeting.