An Update From the Pathway

Last year in May Council elevated the proposed footpath connection from the Moutere Hills Community Centre to Upper Moutere Village running alongside the Moutere Highway to become one of the four next footpath projects to be delivered by Tasman District Council. At that moment, planning for the footpath went over into the hands of the TDC Transportation Department.

Since then the TDC engineers have been busy investigating possible construction options for this footpath. MHRA committee members met with two of TDC's engineers this week to get an update on current developments.

The TDC engineers are working hard to find a solution to how and where the footpath can be built. A boundary survey was carried out in November last year to establish where true property boundaries are located along the highway and the engineers have contacted various landowners to discuss the project.

Both sides of the highway are still being considered. It is also still being investigated if and where pedestrian crossings over the highway will be necessary, and for the connection of the footpath further on into the village centre various options are also still being looked at.

As can be imagined, it is not easy to establish a route that fulfils all safety requirements and of course everything depends on land availability and the possibility of land purchases for the footpath. We patiently await the next update.

MHRA will forward any new information as soon as we receive it, and at any time we will collect feedback or comments concerning the proposed footpath from the community and forward this to TDC as appropriate.