Council Review of Speed Limits Bylaw

The council is currently in the process of reviewing speed limits throughout the district. The currently proposed changes can be viewed on this page on the council website. The two locations of concern to us - Moutere Highway past the Community Centre and Old Coach Road near Mahana school - have unfortunately not found their way into the list. We have received some details about the considerations done by council with regard to these two sites which we can forward to interested members on request. There is a deadline for submissions to this review which is 25 March.

A group of Mahana residents are currently preparing a submission to council requesting the full length of Old Coach Road to be considered for safety issues, similar to the way that a number of local roads in the Ruby Bay and Tasman area are seeing lower speed limits applied.

The MHRA committee is also considering preparing an additional submission regarding the Moutere Highway on behalf of the association.

Any MHRA members are invited to send their comments to the committee and/or prepare their own submissions on the subject. Please note the submission forms at the bottom of the council web page linked above. Members or other residents making a submission are also invited to send a copy of their submission text to the MHRA which will then consider making a support or endorsement mention to that submission.