MHRA AGM/Election Candidates 1 September - MEETING CANCELLED

Please note the MHRA AGM/Meet-Election-Candidates Meeting previously announced for 1 September 2020 is now cancelled.
This is due to the current COVID-19 alert level and postponement of the 2020 General Election. The extension of the alert level would be a limiting factor to the meeting, and several political parties have also limited their campaigning, so we would not be able to achieve the same level of attendance.

Our Meet the Candidates meeting will still be happening, however this will now be in late September. We will update you about the new date and time when that is confirmed.

To stay on track with our annual association timeline, this year we might use email voting on MHRA elections and other AGM association matters. This would proceed during mid September.

The MHRA secretary will be emailing a brief agenda and report to association members and AGM matters including acceptance of previous minutes, financial report, election of officers, etc. will be voted on by association members and confirmed via email.


Notes from the Public Footpath Meetings 25 Aug 2020

TDC held two public meetings on 25 August 2020 to present the initial concept for the proposed footpath from Upper Moutere Village to the Community Centre.

TDC's road engineer Graham Rimmer and Transportation Manager Jamie McPherson presented proposal drawings and plans.

Both meetings were well-attended and a lot of overall positive feedback was provided. Our ward councillors were all in attendance, as were the principal of Upper Moutere School and representatives from other local community groups.

Click below for a collection of notes from the meetings, in case you were not able to attend.

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Footpath: What About The River Routes?

Prompted by questions at the public footpath consultation meetings, we are here summarising the various considerations and developments with regards to route options along the rivers:


For several years, the Moutere Hills Residents Association (MHRA) had been investigating the possibility to create a pathway between Kelling Road and Supplejack Valley Road alongside the Moutere River, or alternatively along the NZ Company Ditch to the East of the village.

As is the case for the highway route options, public land availability has always been a major limiting factor. Some sections of the river route had been available for the pathway at different times, but at no time was a complete, continuous route available.

See below for all the reasons now supporting the highway route.

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TDC Footpath Proposal: Plans, Details, and Options


The TDC transportation department has invested a lot of time and effort investigating possible routes along the highway - including options on both sides, with or without pedestrian crossings, crossings on the open highway and/or inside the village.

The route now proposed is to start right in the village centre from the end of the existing footpath just outside the Upper Moutere Store, then run entirely along the west side of the Moutere Highway down to the Kelling Road intersection and there connect to the existing footpath just outside the Country Kids preschool.

This route has been chosen because it is the only option that entirely avoids any highway crossings, which is an obvious huge safety benefit.

Click on 'read more' to see the proposed maps and more details.

Read more: TDC Footpath Proposal: Plans, Details, and Options

TDC Pathway Proposal and Community Consultation

Tasman District Council has developed a preliminary design for a possible route of the proposed shared pathway between the Moutere Hills Community Centre and Upper Moutere Village.

TDC will hold two public community meetings on one day next week to present the proposal and collect feedback from local residents. The public meetings are:

Tuesday 25 August 2020
Meeting 1 at 11:00am
Meeting 2 at 6:00pm
at the Moutere Hills Community Centre

This is an important event for the development of the pathway, so please be sure to attend and provide your feedback and suggestions.

The Moutere Hills Residents Association (MHRA) is assisting TDC by forwarding the invitations to the community meeting. We are also offering to collect feedback and suggestions from any community members who are unable to attend the meetings, and we will collate any feedback received and forward this to TDC.

Details of the proposed pathway route and maps with several options will be available shortly on the MHRA website. There will also be an online survey to collect feedback prior to the public meetings.