Council Approves Development of New Footpaths

At a full council meeting on May 23rd, Tasman District's Councillors and staff convened to discuss the list of proposed new footpath projects to be undertaken in the district over the next few years.

Following intensive review and debate and taking into consideration budget limitations, safety priorities, and ranking of projects, Council unanimously approved the proposal brought forward by the engineering department, which is to engage in the design and construction of the four highest ranking footpath projects over the 2019/20 and 2020/21 periods.

The four highest ranking projects are

  1. Moutere Highway - Village to Recreation Centre
  2. Mapua Drive - Higgs Reserve to Residential Area
  3. Lower Queen St - Polytech to Headingly Lane
  4. Motueka River West Bank Road - Old Mill Road to Mickell Road

These four footpaths are to be developed side-by-side as a package, taking into consideration the differing nature and challenges faced in each project.

MHRA welcomes the Council's decision and is looking forward to co-operate with the TDC Transportation Department for design and construction of our local footpath, and of course to working with all landowners who might be affected by the construction.

MHRA Promotes Footpath Along Moutere Highway - Council Decision Imminent

Following completion of the first short section of footpath, our most important long-term goal as residents association continues to be the creation of a walk and cycle path to connect the Moutere Hills Community Centre to Upper Moutere village.

The MHRA committee recently performed a renewed and detailed review of all the available possible routes for this pathway - taking into consideration such things as total travel distance, construction cost, community preference, deviations, land access, possible hazards, difficulties arising from falling trees, damage from expected flooding along the rivers, maintenance cost, and more.

Read more: MHRA Promotes Footpath Along Moutere Highway - Council Decision Imminent

Dovedale Water Scheme Public Meeting

TDC is inviting all users of the Dovedale Rural Water Scheme to a public meeting on

Thursday, 23 May from 7pm at the Moutere Hills Community Centre

The meeting is held with the purpose of providing a question and answer session to address your queries and get some feedback on how scheme users managed during the recent drought.

More detailed financial data on the scheme's operational cost (and debts) is now available and was sent around to all scheme users who have registered their email address.

Be sure to attend the meeting to learn more.

New Footpath MHCC to Country Kids

With many thanks to our supporters: Sarau Trust, our contractors (Hockley Brothers, Chambers & Jackett, Taylors Contracting), Tasman District Council, Moutere Hills Community Centre, Country Kids, and our helpful adjacent landowners for access and storage space.

We Are Building a Footpath!

The Moutere Hills Residents Association will be constructing a section of public footpath alongside the Moutere Highway between the Moutere Hills Community Centre and Country Kids preschool.

  • Work will be carried out in the road reserve between April 17 and April 19.
  • Temporary traffic management will be in place. The road shoulder in this area will be closed during this time and pedestrian access along the road side may be blocked.
  • Normal access to the main entrances of the Community Centre and Country Kids will not be affected.
  • Please stay clear of the construction site at all times, and please inform others to do the same. Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

This project is entirely community-funded, and made possible with donations from the Sarau Trust!