TDC Speed Limits Review Hearings Today

Hearings for the Draft Speed Limit Bylaw Amendment 2014 will be held today, Friday 17 October from 9.30 am at the Tasman District Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street in Richmond.

The MHRA will be presenting regarding our submissions (see below).

The full agenda can be found at the TDC website at this link. This includes the council reports and some notes on each submission and reasoning behind council proposals.

Regarding the two issues we have proposed and which have so far not gained results, the council notes are as follows:

Lowering the speed limit for Neudorf Road (from Prices Corner to Rosedale Road):

"The calculated speed warrant for this section results in an 80 km/hr speed limit. This is a straight road with good visibility. While there is some development it is not significant to justify a reduction in the posted speed limit."

Lowering the speed limit on the Moutere Highway past the Community Centre:

"Feedback was received for this road during the first stage of this review. However, the completed speed warrant did not recommend a reduction in the current speed limit."

We will continue to communicate with council, trying to find a solution to make traffic safer past the community centre, especially when there are large sports events - with many vehicles parking outside along the road due to overflow.