TDC Proposed Speed Limit Changes 2014

TDC has just published a list of proposed speed limit changes for the ongoing 2014 bylaw review.

Various roads in our area are listed - including Gardner Valley, Harley, Best, Tarrant, Nuttal, and George Harvey Road, and also sections of Old Coach Road and Mahana School Road - with a new maximum speed limit of 80 km/h to be set - 60 km/h in some cases. See the full list on the TDC website for more details.

The proposal also notes that gravel roads were not considered during this review as there is still an ongoing review by NZTA of national speed management guidelines which may include all unsealed roads. Also it is noted that the state highways within Tasman District are subject to NZTA handling as well.

The current TDC review is open for submissions. Submissions close 4.30 pm on Monday 15 September 2014. The link above also leads to the submission form.