Speed Limits Submissions (Update)

The MHRA committee presented our submissions for reduced speed limits on various roads in the area to council at a hearing on 16 April. The official report from that hearing was presented to full council on 26 June and can be found on the TDC website.

While we found that the roads of concern to us could not be addressed during the current review - they not yet having undergone a consultation process as other locations have - it was noted by council that these "needed to be fully investigated as part of a future speed limit review".

We have since inquired when such a review might next take place and have received word from Cr Brian Ensor that this was being discussed by council staff and could happen "inside the next twelve months".

Additionally, Central Government is currently in the process of reviewing how speed limits are set nationwide, and the outcome of this might also affect any future review.

We will hopefully have some council representatives attending our upcoming AGM, which would make this a valuable opportunity to discuss the matter further and get additional feedback from the community to council.