Speed Limits - Submissions to Council

With the previously mentioned Speed Limits Bylaw Review in process, we have been busy trying to ensure local concerns are heard by council. Based on input from individuals and groups of residents the MHRA has composed and filed three submissions on speed limit restrictions in our area.

These are:

  • Old Coach Road - requesting a general speed limit reduction from 100 kph to 70 kph, and a 50 kph school zone [read full submission here]
  • Moutere Highway - proposing a speed limit reduction for the section between Upper Moutere village and the Moutere Hills Community Centre from 100 kph to 70 kph in order to calm traffic and enhance road safety both at the community centre entrance and leading up to the village [read full submission here]
  • Lower Neudorf Road - requesting consideration of a speed limit reduction on Neudorf Road from Prices Corner to corner of Rosedale Road/Kelling Road from 100 kph to 80 kph, as it is being applied to several comparable local roads in the Ruby Bay/Tasman area [read full submission here]

In addition, a number of local residents have created and filed their own submissions on related issues and locations.

We would welcome any additional comments or thoughts by association members and other residents on these proposals as we endeavour to form a widely supported view to present in our continued communication with council.