Mapua's Better Broadband Initiative

Mapua resident John Fountain has created a leaflet inviting everybody in the Mapua, Ruby Bay and Moutere areas who is unhappy with their current internet connection to register their interest with an initiative forming to address the problem by dealing directly with broadband providers.

Click here to read the leaflet: Better Broadband for Mapua, Ruby Coast, Moutere

We will discuss at our upcoming AGM how we can best support the Mapua initiative and improve internet access in the Moutere as well.

Results of the TDC Speed Limits Bylaw Review 2015

Council has completed this year's speed limits review and the results can be read in full on the TDC website.

Roads in our area that are marked for change are:

  • Carlyon Road, Mahana, going from 80km/hr to 100km/hr for its entire length
  • Old Coach Road, Mahana, going from 80km/hr to 60km/hr for its entire length
  • School Road, Mahana, 60km/hr from its intersection with Old Coach Road/for a distance of 220 metres
  • Tasman View Road going from 80km/hr to 100km/hr for its entire length

Refer to the "Summary of Information" document at the link above for a full list of changes. If a road is not listed, this means no changes are planned for the road.

Submissions to this review can be made by 4.30pm Friday 16 October 2015.

Annual General Meeting 2015

This year's AGM will be held on

Tuesday, 22 September 2015 - 7pm - at the Moutere Inn

All welcome to come by for a chat and to hear updates. We are holding this year's meeting at the pub, so it's a bit less formal and easy to just drop in.

Community Pathway Project Goes 'On Hold'

Following recent deliberations the association committee finds that due to lack of progress the project to create a walkway and cycleway to connect Upper Moutere village and the community centre will be officially put 'on hold' for the time being.

The project had much positive response from the community and landowners during the last two years. But even though there were some promising options at different times we have been unable to establish a truly feasible route for the pathway which would connect all the way through from the community centre to the school or village. Now, with a few committee members moving away or otherwise engaged we simply don't have the resources to follow this up in a meaningful way.

We would like to say thank you again to all landowners who have offered support, and we will wait until new impulses or new developments might lead to the idea being looked at again.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the association.

TDC Items on Internet and Mobile Phone Coverage Improvements

Here are various notes on the council's activities around improving internet speeds and reducing mobile coverage 'black spots' in the district. It is unclear how far this will affect connections in our rural communities, but might be worth a read:

Public Sessions to Support the Council’s Application for More Government Digital Funding

Read the article at the [TDC website]

Tasman District Council is quizzing residents on their internet access and mobile coverage as part of its bid for the next stage of government ultra-fast broadband funding - take the survey [here]

Come along and discuss the Council's bid to improve access to internet and mobile services around the district - meeting dates [here]