TDC: Changes to Public Water Supply Bylaw 2016

Tasman District Council is proposing some changes to the Public Water Supply Bylaw in this update on the previous bylaw from 2009 which is now expiring.

While no effective change from provisions in the expiring bylaw, two areas where Council intend to apply and enforce bylaw requirements are a "minimum storage for customers connected to a restricted flow supply", and for customers to "comply with any water restrictions imposed because of drought, emergency, or other reason".

This will affect all users on schemes with restrictors such as the Dovedale Water Scheme.

Follow this link to read the full bylaw draft.

Submissions close at 4.00pm Wednesday 10 August 2016.

TDC: Riparian Planting in the Moutere

As some residents might have noticed, Council is currently creating riparian plantings along the bank of the Moutere River north of Kelling Road.

Here is what TDC Rivers & Coastal Engineer Giles Griffith has to say:

"The Kelling Road site is a great opportunity, it’s not often there is such a large, suitable site available.  The plans are to revegetate much of the lower terrace beside the stream in this area, and control weeds over the next three years or so until the plants are away."

He points out there are also a number of other riparian plantings in the Moutere but these are less visible.

Giles is always on the lookout for good sites so if you or somebody you know have any suggestions for other sites in our area he would be happy to look at them.

The Moutere Hills Residents Association is always happy to collect and forward feedback & suggestions.

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Public Meeting 5 April 2016 - Minutes

There was a good turn-out at the Moutere Inn for MHRA's public meeting on 5 April.

TDC representatives from Mayor and CEO to Planning Managers and Ward Councillors were there to present details of the Annual Plan 2016/17 and the new engagement process that is replacing formal consultation for this year.

We would like to say thank you to all who attended the meeting.

The minutes for the meeting can be found here.

Settlement Update - Upper Moutere

What's in the Annual Plan 2016/17 for Upper Moutere?

A little extract from the Tasman District Settlement Areas update.









Household size




Number of dwellings required




"The Upper Moutere settlement is a relatively small community and the population is expected to increase by only 29 people by 2039."

"Water supply is restricted and is at capacity. Dovedale water pipeline renewals are therefore planned between 2015 and 2022. As a result modest amounts of land were identified for residential growth in the growth model review and no further land was identified for business use as demand does not exist."

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Better Internet for the Moutere - Wireless Options?

In September last year, we hosted members of the Better Broadband Initiative for Mapua, Ruby Coast, Moutere at our AGM.

The initiative has since been collecting registrations of interest of residents who would be keen on either getting better broadband than they currently have, or getting broadband to their property at all. The initiative has been in discussions with Chorus about upgrading infrastructure in some areas, but those discussions have so far not been fruitful (i.e. the price points for getting individual location upgrades were considered far too high).

Meanwhile, what might be a possible alternative for some has brought itself to the foreground in the form of KiwiWifiNZ who provide WiFi-based broadband to residents by installing wireless routers/repeaters on willing residents properties and from these servicing surrounding properties.

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