Meet The Candidates

Please note that our AGM on Tuesday 27 September 2016, 7:00 pm will also be the local Meet The Candidates meeting for the upcoming elections. This is your chance to:

  • meet the Mayor and mayoral candidates
  • meet Ward Councillor candidates
  • find out who to vote for

This year will be an important election, as two of the three ward councillors for Moutere/Waimea are not standing again - and there are a total of seven candidates. So make sure you can make an informed choice.

View all nominations.


AGM 2016

This year's Annual General Meeting has been set for

Tuesday 27 September 2016, 7:00 pm
at the Moutere Hills Community Centre

Join us to

  • meet Council Representatives
  • chat with candidates for the upcoming Local Elections
  • discuss Local Issues such as Water Supply, Transportation and the Pathway

All welcome. Don't miss it!

Local Elections 2016

Just a reminder that elections for Council, Community Boards and District Health Board will be held this year.

Nominations for all positions will be open until 12 August. Voting will open on September 16, and close on Saturday 8 October.

Last election, our three standing Councillors for the Moutere/Waimea ward ran unopposed. The same will not happen this year. Already two new nominations have been received for the position of Councillor in this ward: Graeme Stradling of Ruby Bay and Gary Watson of Mainland TV have both put their names forward this year. Follow this link to see all nominations.

We hope to hear more from all candidates soon.

Thoughts on the Moutere Water Catchment

TDC Hydrologist Joseph Thomas recently made a presentation on water issues in the 200 km² Moutere Catchment at a recent meeting of the Mapua and District Community Association. Here is a summary of the scientific and technical aspects touched upon:

The Moutere is typically a dry catchment with 3 zones: Eastern, Western and Southern, which is
where Mapua sits. The entire catchment is full of Moutere Gravels of varying depths down to the granite base at about 200 m.

There are up to three levels of water which is very old and is recharged very slowly from the hills to the South. Council has tight rules for drilling bores but these were created originally for irrigation purposes (in dry seasons). The yield from these bores is low, typically around 5 cubic meters/hour.

Use has changed since to include household use with 365 day draw-down. Private bores are allowed without permit, are typically around 80 m deep and allow 5000 l/day. Council is worried that year-round draw-down could deplete the aquifer and allow salt water intrusion.

Read more: Thoughts on the Moutere Water Catchment

An Update from the Pathway Project

Recently, some renewed activity has arisen around the pathway idea, and the MHRA committee is now trying to build a new, more public support case for the project.

We are chatting again to some landowners and are in contact with our Councillors and Council departments to find out more about what can be done. We are in the process of gathering expressions of support for the idea of having a safe walk- and cycle track from local businesses and organisations, and we are planning to collect more feedback from the wider community.

Please note that we are not advocating any particular route for the pathway at this moment. We are investigating several route options - all of which have their difficulties, advantages and disadvantages. We expect the final route to be chosen based input from landowners and Council, feedback from the community, and simple feasibility.

Look at the walkway page for more.