Speed Limits - Mahana Petition

Mahana residents continue to fight for getting speed limits reduced on Old Coach Road and a school zone established around the entry to Mahana school. Despite formal submissions made by the MHRA and residents last year no action has been taken by council to this date.

A group of Mahana members are preparing a petition to the Tasman District Council with the first aim to gather at least 500 signatures - this is a very achievable goal, and you can easily help.

If you want to support the cause simply print out a copy of the petition form, sign it yourself, and get your friends or neighbours to sign, then return the form to Julian Manning, 244 Apple Valley Road, RD1, Upper Moutere 7173. Every signature helps.

Rural Land Use and Subdivision Policy Review

Council is currently in the process of reviewing the Rural Land Use and Subdivision Policy and are running a public consultation to gather feedback from residents. If you are concerned about how our rural land should be used in the future this is your chance to put in your thoughts.

Council has various background and discussion documents for download on their website and three separate online feedback forms for individuals to use. We are also happy to gather individual feedback and comments from members and compile those into a coordinated response to council through the association.

Feedback forms close 29 November.

Community Pathway - Status

We are currently in the process of finding a suitable route for this project and discussing options with landowners.

See the main article for more details.

Annual General Meeting 2013

The Moutere Hills Residents Association would like to invite you to their Annual General Meeting on

Tuesday 24 September 2013 at 6 pm at the Upper Moutere School Hall

The committee will present updates from the Community Pathway project - creating a walk- and cycleway between Upper Moutere Village and the Community Centre.

We will discuss Speed Limits in our area, namely on those roads where there is local residents concern and which we are trying to get looked at by council. Our ward councillors Cr Trevor Norris and Cr Brian Ensor have confirmed they will be present and available to discuss the subject.

Also, all constitutional association issues will be addressed at this meeting (accounts review, elections and plans for the next year) - please see the full agenda for more details.

This is a public meeting and all the community is warmly invited to attend and take part. Please note that only association members will be able to vote in the elections.

Moutere Hills Community Pathway - The History

Click here to read our article on the history of our walk- and cycle pathway project so far.

We will be presenting updates on progress and current situation at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

If you are interested in this project, be sure to come along and show your support.