News around Waimea Dam and Water Supplies

A collection of council news items around the Waimea Dam and Water Supply issues:

Council Pursues Local Bill for Dam Land

The Tasman District Council has today announced it will lodge a Local Bill with Parliament to secure access to Department of Conservation land needed for the Waimea Community Dam. See news item here.

This is the formal notification showing how council is planning to obtain the needed land. See the draft of the notification document here.

Council says Early Dam Pricing Indications Pose Challenges

Initial pricing indicates the dam might become more expensive that thought. See news item here.

The mayor states: "If the final price is confirmed to be significantly over the estimated cost and no viable option can be found to meet the difference, then the dam is unlikely to go ahead."

Draft Public Water Supply Bylaw - Have Your Say

Coming up: The Tasman District Council seeks your view on an amended Public Water Supply Bylaw.

Check the council website from Monday 9th for more details.