TDC Footpath Proposal: Plans, Details, and Options


The TDC transportation department has invested a lot of time and effort investigating possible routes along the highway - including options on both sides, with or without pedestrian crossings, crossings on the open highway and/or inside the village.

The route now proposed is to start right in the village centre from the end of the existing footpath just outside the Upper Moutere Store, then run entirely along the west side of the Moutere Highway down to the Kelling Road intersection and there connect to the existing footpath just outside the Country Kids preschool.

This route has been chosen because it is the only option that entirely avoids any highway crossings, which is an obvious huge safety benefit.

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Please note that these plans are initial concept drawings only and will be subject to updates and changes. In several locations there are various options for construction and these details have yet to be established.


At the village entrance, the proposal seeks to make use of existing public land adjacent to the highway. At this moment, private fencing and garden frontages of three residential dwellings are located in parts of this public road reserve. TDC has developed several options for this area and will discuss these with the landowners.

The majority of the pathway is proposed to be a gravel standard pathway of 2.2m width inside a 3m wide corridor. Where necessary, the path will be in reduced width or other construction measures may be necessary to avoid obstacles.


Click here for additional details and notes from the public presentation meetings.