Council Approves Development of New Footpaths

At a full council meeting on May 23rd, Tasman District's Councillors and staff convened to discuss the list of proposed new footpath projects to be undertaken in the district over the next few years.

Following intensive review and debate and taking into consideration budget limitations, safety priorities, and ranking of projects, Council unanimously approved the proposal brought forward by the engineering department, which is to engage in the design and construction of the four highest ranking footpath projects over the 2019/20 and 2020/21 periods.

The four highest ranking projects are

  1. Moutere Highway - Village to Recreation Centre
  2. Mapua Drive - Higgs Reserve to Residential Area
  3. Lower Queen St - Polytech to Headingly Lane
  4. Motueka River West Bank Road - Old Mill Road to Mickell Road

These four footpaths are to be developed side-by-side as a package, taking into consideration the differing nature and challenges faced in each project.

MHRA welcomes the Council's decision and is looking forward to co-operate with the TDC Transportation Department for design and construction of our local footpath, and of course to working with all landowners who might be affected by the construction.