TDC: Riparian Planting in the Moutere

As some residents might have noticed, Council is currently creating riparian plantings along the bank of the Moutere River north of Kelling Road.

Here is what TDC Rivers & Coastal Engineer Giles Griffith has to say:

"The Kelling Road site is a great opportunity, it’s not often there is such a large, suitable site available.  The plans are to revegetate much of the lower terrace beside the stream in this area, and control weeds over the next three years or so until the plants are away."

He points out there are also a number of other riparian plantings in the Moutere but these are less visible.

Giles is always on the lookout for good sites so if you or somebody you know have any suggestions for other sites in our area he would be happy to look at them.

The Moutere Hills Residents Association is always happy to collect and forward feedback & suggestions.

Giles notes: to be fully funded out of the river accounts sites for riparian plating would need to be on the Moutere River downstream of Kelling Road, or on one of the two Company ditches maintained by council (between the Community Centre and Old House Road or Davey Road to Wilson Road).

There is also a subsidy service for planting and fencing of waterways outside of this if individual landowners wish to undertake some restoration.

Giles concludes: "Apart from this work, we undertake reactive maintenance to respond to erosion or blockages in the above waterways, and do a bit of spraying to keep the channels clear but otherwise it’s pretty minimal."

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