Better Internet for the Moutere - Wireless Options?

In September last year, we hosted members of the Better Broadband Initiative for Mapua, Ruby Coast, Moutere at our AGM.

The initiative has since been collecting registrations of interest of residents who would be keen on either getting better broadband than they currently have, or getting broadband to their property at all. The initiative has been in discussions with Chorus about upgrading infrastructure in some areas, but those discussions have so far not been fruitful (i.e. the price points for getting individual location upgrades were considered far too high).

Meanwhile, what might be a possible alternative for some has brought itself to the foreground in the form of KiwiWifiNZ who provide WiFi-based broadband to residents by installing wireless routers/repeaters on willing residents properties and from these servicing surrounding properties.

If you are keen on getting better internet to your home and are not in range of good quality ADSL you can have a look at their recent Facebook entry in which they ask for interested residents to contact them. Or see their website for what they offer

Please note that the Moutere Hills Residents Association is not endorsing any product, but we are spreading the word about alternative approaches to what has been identified as a community-wide problem with no easy solution.

Editor's Note: in response to this article we have received note from Moutere residents who have as an yet another alternative have switched to a 3G/4G wireless package providing better upload and download speeds than their previous poor ADSL connection. These cell phone-technology based packages are available from providers such as Spark.